I’m back!

Let me tell you, moving every once in a blue moon is a total pain that throws the largest wrench of disorder into my never-on-time-and-always-scatterbrained lifestyle I live. So you can imagine my mental clarity when I mention how moving three times in two weeks can really fog up a person’s to-do list. Thank goodness for Apple and the billions of apps that are catered towards minds like mine who battle ADHD on a daily basis, or I would lose my head if it wasn’t screwed on tightly. I apologize for the long hiatus that was not on purpose, but I have at least three post ideas that will probably just all be published this week. Again, sorry for the long break! I am still getting settled so there will not be a┬átentative┬áschedule, because we all know that even if I was settled, I would still be late for something! Thanks for the patience and I have the best readers in the world!