New Addition: Thoughtful Thursdays

Announcing a new addition to The Rancher’s Daughter: Thoughtful Thursdays! Basically I have taken my love (obsession) with psychology and intermeshed it with my love (obsession) for agriculture. Since I decided that moving back to Boise was the best idea for me at the time, I have had this intense feeling of loss because Boise State doesn’t have an agriculture program. So, naturally I went with my other natural instinct: psychology. But, living a life were one is non-existent makes me sick to my stomach, I am set to figure out a way to have the best of both worlds. It then occurred to me that I have an incredible gift that can channel and explain things about agriculture and our perceptions of them, as well as the opposing side’s own viewpoints. So, I hereby declare every Thursday (okay, not EVERY Thursday, but most) Thoughtful Thursday in which we will dive into the depths of the agriculture brain and try and play connect the dots. There is a good chance that I am the only one fascinated by this idea, but it’ll be here and you can take what you want and leave the rest.




Tim Bodine: The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Being a part of agriculture is a feeling that I can’t put into words. The acceptance, the interactions with the animals that I love so much, and the ability to educate others about what you love doing are just some of the reasons that I thrive within it. Well, that and I was genetically set up for it. The passion I have for this industry is so strong that it is incomparable to anything I have felt before. I wonder how differently it would be if I wasn’t raised around animals and crops? I am sure I would still love it, but probably not as much as normal.

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of experiencing the relationship that my dad, Tim Bodine, and I have, then you sure need to. We pick on each other and use sarcasm probably more than we should, by a long shot. We also have one of the strongest bonds that I am aware of and I can’t think of a time he’s ever slipped up as a father. No one is perfect and we have had both of our fair share of “stuff”, but for my entire life no one has ever taken his spot and I can guarantee no one ever will.