5 Month Old FFA Show Steer Set on Fire at High School’s Agriculture Barn

This steer was part of the Paso Robles High School FFA show steers. Someone broke into their Agriculture Barn and set this steer on fire. He was found like this 15 hours later when his owner came to feed him.

Photo Credit: ksby.com

I am sitting in my anatomy and physiology lab right now, preparing for my lab practical that I will be taking in precisely 25 minutes. I stopped to give myself a little Facebook break, we all know they are deserving, and I find a good friend posting this story about a five-month-old steer that someone set on fire. 

I had just taken the time to write a letter on this post to the monster who thought that this was something worth doing. Whoever you are, disgusting doesn’t even begin to touch what I feel about you. I then realize, being the psychology major that I am who has an intense interest in studying criminals and sociopaths and psychopaths and serial killers, that it is probably a terrible idea to put so much energy and effort into making his crimes known and detailing them. Serial killers, sociopaths, psychopaths, etc. get a sort of “high” when they realize they are getting attention and “famous” and also a lot more dangerous. I am using these serious labels because normally those are the only people who would do such a monstrous act.  So, that being said, I ask you agriculture and agvocate friends one thing: spread this page around and let us use our intensely amazing powers of networking to help police find out any information that we can about the piece of trash who put a 5 month old calf through Hell.

Again, here is the link for the story:

Local FFA Student’s Steer Set on Fire

Please, please let’s join together to help catch the son of a _______ who did this. On that note, I need to get back to studying so I can graduate and help capture people like this scum of the earth and put them away for the rest of their life.

Thoughts and prayers go to this calf and his struggle back to recovery as well as his owner and family.


The Contributions of a Cow

The usual assumption of cows can range from meat to milk to leather, and normally not too far past that. It can be easy to overlook the minuscule things cattle can provide us with, that result in a much more respectful way to utilize the animal and not be wasteful. From a cultural perspective, I can understand the confusion in regards to what is meant by “minuscule things”. Explaining the uses can provide insight and further enlighten those who are curious.

Beef, muscle from cattle, is what steaks, pot roasts, ribs, etc. is what most of the cow is used for, however there are so many other things that can be taken from a cow. Milk is another product that can be made good use of. Believe it or not, those are only two of things that cows can provide to society. The products that beef cattle produce, aside from beef, are called by-products. By-products have been carefully evaluated and researched to find their perfect uses so wasting helpful resources can be a thing of the past.

With all that being said, cows mean a lot more to society than they get credit for. Here is an image that shows just some of the contributions they are provide. So here’s to you bovines, here’s to you.

Here is a link to another post that goes into detail about all the other things cattle provide!
Wow That Cow!   Written by Feed Yard Foodie