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The two subjects that tied for first are the two that I was hoping would win. However, I was hoping that they would be back to back champions so I could write two weeks in a row about my personal favorites because you guys chose them. But that isn’t the way it worked out so we just gotta roll with the punches! The two that won are………… The powerful impact of meat on mood disorders and The passion that ag professors have that they pass on to their students! Well, I had to choose between those topics and it was just an obvious pick for me to select the impact meat has on mood disorders. I love both of these topics and they are near and dear to my heart, however I will save the agricultural professor one for another time. That way it will give me time to do what I need to do for it and I can get a fantastic end product that we all can enjoy through interviews and pictures.

The mood disorder one resinates with me and so that will be out for you before next Wednesday!

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Confused About Agriculture?

What do you want to know about agriculture? Are you confused about anything regarding the industry? Want to know more about where your food really comes from? Curious about the dietary values and the effects, if any, of the methods practiced today? I WANT TO ANSWER THEM!

There can be many areas in agriculture that might be misunderstood or simply, just not known. I want to help those who have questions by providing them with an answer that can satisfy the curiosity. I want to personally make it my responsibility to give a fair, honest, and intellectual answer with a tone that is not defensive and that ultimetly isn’t looking for a fight. I also would love to get opinions so that I can aim my focus with those in mind.

So, shoot me an email at: or leave a comment or message me on WordPress. Somehow, get them to me! Just don’t keep them bottled inside! Let them out and let me answer em!



I’ll Have Another Time

Just as the horse community and many fans of horse racing were growing anxious to see I’ll Have Another be the first Triple Crown winner since 1978’s Affirmed, a tendon injury forced the almost champion stallion to scratch from the Belmont Stakes with only 30 hours left until the gates opened tomorrow. Affirmed was only the eleventh winner of the Triple Crown, which would have made I’ll Have Another, the twelfth horse ever to win the Triple Crown. There have only been two other horses that won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness and had to scratch before the final race at Belmont. Those were in 1932 with Burgoo King and 1936’s Bold Venture. In 76 years that instance has not arisen. It is understandable to see why a predicted 30,000 less bodies will be in attendance at tomorrows Belmont Stakes. Seeing a Triple Crown Champion is a dream that hasn’t occurred in 34 years and to see a horse come so close allows a feeling of, “well, next year I guess.” to settle among all who watch.

The first winner of the Triple Crown was Sir Barton in 1919, but the Triple Crown has become iconic thanks to the famous underdog Secretariat. Secretariat’s Belmont Stakes win in 1973 is one of the most memorable races in all of horse racing history and one of the most memorable photographs, as well.


The Triple Crown of Thoroughbreds, or Triple Crown for short, consists of three races that differ in length and are specifically for three-year old Thoroughbreds. The champions of the Triple Crown are few and far between for many reasons. A versatile horse that has the ability to pase and know when not to pase is crucial in a winner. The Triple Crown circuit is no breeze for the horses body, but it these horses are capable of it. There is a certain make up regarding the visible and physical traits expressed in horses. The traits differ among the multitudes of breeds in the horse world and in turn, make different breeds of horses desirable to different individuals. The traits associated with Thoroughbreds are flighty, temperamental, strong, big, and fast. They make for excellent horses to those who know how to and can successfully manage them. (I’ve always been a Quarter Horse person!) Running is the sort of thing the Thoroughbred breed excels at thanks to their genetic traits and their mental desire to do so.

The history of horse racing is incredibly fascinating and the traditions and unforgettable moments make it so historically important. There are many controversial sides to horse racing that will probably never be settled. However, if focus can be redirected towards the ability to come together as a generation and a population, it could be a beautiful thing. To put aside differences in views, backgrounds, upbringings, etc. and just cheer for the success of a beautiful creature running past the finish line isn’t that difficult. Success, for anyone or thing, is what should be put first because horses run, it’s a known fact.

Video of I’ll Have Another’s morning workout was released by his owner and trainer. There was a difference in his stride, a difference in the way he held his head, and there was a difference in his overall attitude. It was easy to witness the painful reaction that was felt anytime his left foot moved. Even Mario Gutierrez, I’ll Have Another’s jockey, expressed his sheer sadness of the event. Gutierrez explained that I’ll Have Another’s movement and strides were so individualistic, that he had never experienced them on any other horse in his career. The stallion had originally purchased for $35,000, a low price in the world of horse racing. After his two wins, his estimated worth now: $2 million. Now that I’ll Have Another is hanging up the towel, he will spend the rest of his days in a pasture at a breeding farm. Hoping to utilize him as a sire and produce offspring that can pick up the pieces is the idea. He will most likely never run another race for the rest of his life.

The Contributions of a Cow

The usual assumption of cows can range from meat to milk to leather, and normally not too far past that. It can be easy to overlook the minuscule things cattle can provide us with, that result in a much more respectful way to utilize the animal and not be wasteful. From a cultural perspective, I can understand the confusion in regards to what is meant by “minuscule things”. Explaining the uses can provide insight and further enlighten those who are curious.

Beef, muscle from cattle, is what steaks, pot roasts, ribs, etc. is what most of the cow is used for, however there are so many other things that can be taken from a cow. Milk is another product that can be made good use of. Believe it or not, those are only two of things that cows can provide to society. The products that beef cattle produce, aside from beef, are called by-products. By-products have been carefully evaluated and researched to find their perfect uses so wasting helpful resources can be a thing of the past.

With all that being said, cows mean a lot more to society than they get credit for. Here is an image that shows just some of the contributions they are provide. So here’s to you bovines, here’s to you.

Here is a link to another post that goes into detail about all the other things cattle provide!
Wow That Cow!   Written by Feed Yard Foodie


Just a Slice of History

Things like this make me so happy when I stumble across them. Things in the agriculture world can get exhausting, and I am not even the one out there who does the labor constantly. Somedays the task can just sound like a second choice to going back to bed, but since that isn’t an option we have to keep doing what we do best. I’ve been having a few rough days since my dad’s spine operation and found it fitting to find this late last night.

My grandpa is on the left and my great-grandpa is on the right

These two are pretty monumental in my dad and I’s lives. In the lineage of great-grandpa Buddy, he has Grandpa Dave, who had my dad, who had me- a girl. I don’t know how long ago this picture was taken but it has to be from before Grandpa Buddy passed away. I spent a lot of time with him and hours farming with both of them. I really miss Grandpa Buddy lately, he would have been prouder than a peacock of me for all of this. Nothing wrong with working my rear off to still make him proud, it just might not be the same way others would.

Here’s to you, Grandpa Buddy.


Dairies pamper cows with massages

Dairies pamper cows with massages

Stuff like this makes for such a great day! did a fantastic job of not portraying the dairy industry poorly. They may use a tone that reflects their confusion with the practices that are going on, but it is a confusion that is built upon curiosity. They give examples of all the things dairy farmers are trying to do to make their cows happy. They even provide the amount of money it cost one dairyman to ensure his cows contentment.

The author does a really good job of providing multiple quotations regarding how important the dairy cows happiness matters to the farmer. Yes, income plays a role in that, but a $70,000 installment of waterbed flooring doesn’t seem like the kind of thing just anyone does for their cows. Dairy cows are so loved and so spoiled and the dairymen and women that love and spoil them do it because they love to. It is hard work that never seems to stop.

I thought it of critical importance to provide another article that highlights the good things agriculture is doing. AGPROUD!

Brought to you Courtesy, of the Red, White, & Blue

Two of my best guy friends rank pretty high among my heroes, of course they are sitting below my dad on the list. I am sure the daily feeling of worry will pass, hopefully sooner than later but it could always be worse. However, thinking of them at least a handful of times each is not a habit I want to end. These two guys who have each played incredibly important roles in my life have both served overseas and been stationed far from home as soldiers in the United States Army.

My initial plan was to write a never-ending entry on what Memorial Day used to mean and what it means now. Instead standing on a soapbox, it dawned on me that the more time I spend preaching to those I don’t know, the less time I have to Skype with these two and say thank you.  If I didn’t have Jake & Alex modeling selflessness on a daily basis, my perception would be skewed. Their ability to stand in the face of a danger that many will never face in a lifetime is incredible on it’s own. There are citizens in this country who don’t support the troops or what they stand for, Jake & Alex signed a contract that includes those individuals life’s to be protected first and foremost.

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