The Small Community of Agriculture

Here is a list of my favorite blogs, these guys help me spread the word and vice versa. We are all one small little agriculture community and all share the same passion for enlightening the public about what we are doing to help their food, products, etc.

So give these guys a few minutes of your time, you won’t regret it!

Us Farm Guys

This blog is more than fantastic and gives an awesome documentary style approach towards the actual

Texas Ag Talks

A personal view on Texas Agriculture and written by very passionate folks like us.

Agriculture Proud

I owe a lot to this blog without the author even knowing it. Ryan, who is a fellow Okie;), is the real reason that I was inspired to start blogs and get yet another perspective of agriculture out there for the public. Awesome perspective and one that any farmer or rancher should be proud to be represented by.

Life On a Kansas Cattle Ranch

I love this website. Debbie does such a great job showing the Mom’s perspective of what ranching is all about! And she also does just as great of a job as all the guy bloggers out there! Plus she has crafts and recipes- how can you even argue?!

The Farmer’s Life

Brian, another generational farmer, brings in awesome blog posts from Indiana. Love the funny encounters this guy has and the awesome topics that are brought to the table.

Fun With Bulls

Awesome blog from an AI bull-man’s perspective. Super informative too!

Dream Dirt

Iowa auctions website with other informative links!


All about AGvocating! Great for information and assistance. Lifesavor!

Ray-Lin Dairy

Fantastic blog from the eyes of a California dairyman.

Truffle Media Groups

This site is chalked full of facts, figures, media that is all up for grabs and resources to help out in every aspect of agriculture that one could hope for!

Cause Matters

Awesome site that brings ALL perspectives in ag to the table.

Advocates for Agriculture

Easily one of my top 5 favorite blogs. Humor along with serious facts are included here. Great viewpoints brought to you by generational ranchers. Blogs like this deserve 1000 times the publicity. Keep it up!

Life on a Real California Dairy Farm

I love this one due to it’s informative posts and it’s down-home feeling. Family is huge with these guys and I love that it is so obvious.

Beef Cattle Biz

Anything you need to know about beef cattle can be found here. My go to place for info!

Gilmer Dairy Farm

Alabama dairy farms, cannot go wrong there! Love these posts!

Steak Perfection

How could anyone argue with a name like this?


I will never say no to following the news. Especially credible news.

Barn Media

Perfect source for all of Colorado’s ag news!

Real Agriculture

If you have any questions or concerns about the way it really is, this is where to find the answers.

I Love Farmers

I love that this is group of the younger generation who is just as passionate about agriculture as the one before us. I love seeing the age of advocators getting younger and younger.

Feedstuffs Food Link

Such an awesome blog about all the myths that are related to the food on your fork! Love it!

Tales of a Kansas Farmer

Gaining perspective could never get old and I love this blog and get inspired by almost every post to make some sort of difference.

Colorado State Wheat Breeding and Genetics Program

Never can you go wrong with a ram! Especially one that puts the food on your plate!

Kansas AgLand

Such awesome info and articles and links to other awesome great blogs.

The Meat of the Issues– Really awesome insight regarding livestock, meat, meat production, etc. Also a proud fellow CSU ram!

The Cattle Gap


Topwinds Dairy

Wheat World

Select Sires Beef 

The Couture Cowgirl

Wimmer Wimmer Chicken Dinner

Haley Farms

Farm Bureaus- 

Arizona Farm Bureau

Iowa Farm Bureau

United States Department of Agriculture- 

Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service-

MORE TO COME! Email me at if you want to be listed on here! I love getting others names and blogs out there so don’t be shy!


One comment on “The Small Community of Agriculture

  1. Brian says:

    Great list, Shelby! Flattered you thought enough of my blog to include it!

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