Tens of Thousands of Cattle Dead Due to Winter Storm Atlas

Dead carcasses lay along US Highways 212 & 34. Courtesy of Kristina Barker, Rapid City Journal

Dead carcasses lay along US Highways 212 & 34. Courtesy of Kristina Barker, Rapid City Journal

A lot of things have changed since I last posted a year ago. For one, I no longer am at Colorado State University as an Animal Science and Equine Science double major, to my heart’s dismay. I am now at Boise State University and studying Psychology with a minor in Biology so I can go on to acquire my masters and doctorate in Neuropsychology. I still have the pup and love of agriculture though, so don’t you fret. No matter how hard psychology will try, there is no way anyone or anything can take the love of cattle and agriculture and the people who make up it’s wonderful world away from me. I swear I am one of the few and the proud who rock my Tony’s on campus. And I wouldn’t ever think of being ashamed of it.


I return, after a long hiatus, to make a post that is not full of excitement. To be quite frank and direct, I wish I didn’t feel the aching in my heart to post in Rancher’s Daughter because that would mean that I could go back to studying for my anatomy and physiology lab quiz that I have tomorrow about human bones. However, this is something I could not simply ignore.

Enter: Winter Storm Atlas. Mother Nature apparently let her wrath go on Western South Dakota these past few days. And I do not say that in a joking or over exaggerate matter. Reports have been coming to light about a very heavy snowfall that came on in lightning speeds. Literally feet of snow was dumped on the Dakota plains and it is going to take an astronomical toll, emotionally, physically, and financially, on the ranchers that make up it’s population. I first read about Atlas in Rapid City Journal’s piece that was published today (October 8th, 2013). My heart ached and then broke into a million pieces. Ten’s of thousands of cattle are dead because of this storm. Tens of thousands. And, that isn’t even close to a final number yet.

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Photos of Winter Storm Atlas Casualties- WARNING! GRAPHIC IMAGES!

All of the below pictures are from Big Balls In Cow Town

These images are graphic and contain images of dead cattle. However, in my opinion, they are important to share as they are the damages that the ranchers of this devastating storm are having to face. See my original post about Winter Storm Atlas for more background.

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My Thoughts on This Massacre…

I wrote this on my personal topic blog, but just thought that I would share it with this community as well. Eerie feeling in Colorado right now. Send your thoughts and prayers.


Confused About Agriculture?

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