Why I AGvocate- A college cowgirl’s perspective

Before you read any further I strongly suggest you go read what another AGvocate’s personal reasoning behind blogging and advocating for agriculture. Judi Graff is an excellent role model to all of us in the AGvocate world and her post can be found here on AgChat’s website.

My back story in agriculture is one thing, but my back story in social media and AGvocating is young. I started this blog because I wanted to take a photojournalism approach and bring the stories, traditions, personalities, and histories of the people who produce and provide the food for this growing population. But, life happened and things came up and my original idea for my blog was put on the back burner. However, I knew in my mind that what I wanted to do was still possible but I had to be flexible and change my approach because agriculture and those who oppose it weren’t going to change their approach to fit my idea. So, it was back to the drawing board and I rearranged my game plan then switched out my tactical plan.

I sit apart from most AGvocaters out there because I don’t live and work on a farm/ranch. I live on the third story of an apartment complex in Fort Collins, CO. I can’t just go out and take pictures of fields and cows, because I don’t have any down here to take pictures of! Yes, I could set up a time and a date to go take pictures of someone else’s agriculture, but it’s not quite the same. I am an animal science student at Colorado State University so I get a different kind of exposure to agriculture and its issues. I get to sit and listen to some of the best names and minds in agriculture lecture and discuss ideas. I have expert opinions at the raise of my hand and an advising appointment away. I really take it for granted sometimes and I need to soak up every second I can. Some of my best ideas have come from discussing topics with my professors or sitting in class listening to Dr. Temple Grandin lecture about stress-free handling of livestock.

I am blessed.

To wrap this up, I AGvocate because I love this industry and I love the people within it. It kills me to see that people are so easily influenced by anti-agriculture advocates and the tangled webs they weave. I have a passion in my heart to tell the truth about agriculture as I know it and continue to gain knowledge about it. I am not here to fight fire with fire, although that’s what I feel it takes sometimes to get the truth across. I am not here to battle head-to-head with extremists, I am here to give the consumers and the general public who are curious about their food an outlet and an understanding. Not only about their food and what goes into it or doesn’t go into it, but about the people who produce it and the reality that most of us in agriculture are in it because we love it. If there wasn’t a passion for it, tractors would be sold and land would sit and left to be dirt. Agriculture rarely brings in a buck that is worth a million, so the passion we have for providing food and telling the truth about it should speak volumes. Why listen to anyone else who lacks that same experience and passion?

(L to R) – Google images, Grandpa and Great-Grandpa, ranch from above, some of the farming equipment we use

Go check out Judi’s website FARMnWIFE!



3 comments on “Why I AGvocate- A college cowgirl’s perspective

  1. J. Rhoades says:

    Beautiful post, dear. So well written. It is so true, if there was no passion for it, there would be no agriculture. It is not for the faint-hearted. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. We love what your blog is about… Have you stopped blogging? We just found you and would like more!
    We are also interested in getting the word out about dairy… And would love to introduce you to the Brown Family Dairy. We made a short film about them that you are welcome to share!

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