Why I AGvocate- A college cowgirl’s perspective

Before you read any further I strongly suggest you go read what another AGvocate’s personal reasoning behind blogging and advocating for agriculture. Judi Graff is an excellent role model to all of us in the AGvocate world and her post can be found here on AgChat’s website.

My back story in agriculture is one thing, but my back story in social media and AGvocating is young. I started this blog because I wanted to take a photojournalism approach and bring the stories, traditions, personalities, and histories of the people who produce and provide the food for this growing population. But, life happened and things came up and my original idea for my blog was put on the back burner. However, I knew in my mind that what I wanted to do was still possible but I had to be flexible and change my approach because agriculture and those who oppose it weren’t going to change their approach to fit my idea. So, it was back to the drawing board and I rearranged my game plan then switched out my tactical plan.

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Being a Ram Taught Me…

The Oval at Colorado State University.

Making the decision to leave Colorado State University and it’s Animal Science program was easily one of the hardest I’ve ever had to make. I hate the fact that I am leaving not only friends behind but professors who helped me through tough times, classes that are a dime a dozen, and an environment that I really felt I belonged in. Fort Collins is a town that has everything that I could ask for. It integrated agriculture in with athletics and not to mention a community both rich in history and Ram pride. Given multiple personal situations home is where I need to be right now. Boise is where my family is and I need to be there to give support as best as I can and not miss out on things. I gave it a good run and who knows? Maybe CSU hasn’t completely gotten rid of me just yet. So as I hang up the gold and green towel I have to remember that another journey is ahead of me. I cannot admit that I will be completely getting rid of the agriculture in me because I’m pretty sure you can’t survive without blood in your veins. So I will still be on the front lines of AGvocating because I hear every day that young people are needed, so that’s what I’m here for. Just be sure not to forget that this cowgirl exists 😉

Because of the experiences I’ve made and had at CSU, I thought it’d be fitting if I broke down some important lessons that I learned here, agriculture related or not.

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New Addition: Thoughtful Thursdays

Announcing a new addition to The Rancher’s Daughter: Thoughtful Thursdays! Basically I have taken my love (obsession) with psychology and intermeshed it with my love (obsession) for agriculture. Since I decided that moving back to Boise was the best idea for me at the time, I have had this intense feeling of loss because Boise State doesn’t have an agriculture program. So, naturally I went with my other natural instinct: psychology. But, living a life were one is non-existent makes me sick to my stomach, I am set to figure out a way to have the best of both worlds. It then occurred to me that I have an incredible gift that can channel and explain things about agriculture and our perceptions of them, as well as the opposing side’s own viewpoints. So, I hereby declare every Thursday (okay, not EVERY Thursday, but most) Thoughtful Thursday in which we will dive into the depths of the agriculture brain and try and play connect the dots. There is a good chance that I am the only one fascinated by this idea, but it’ll be here and you can take what you want and leave the rest.