Results of this weeks poll!

The winner of this week’s topic is:

The two subjects that tied for first are the two that I was hoping would win. However, I was hoping that they would be back to back champions so I could write two weeks in a row about my personal favorites because you guys chose them. But that isn’t the way it worked out so we just gotta roll with the punches! The two that won are………… The powerful impact of meat on mood disorders and The passion that ag professors have that they pass on to their students! Well, I had to choose between those topics and it was just an obvious pick for me to select the impact meat has on mood disorders. I love both of these topics and they are near and dear to my heart, however I will save the agricultural professor one for another time. That way it will give me time to do what I need to do for it and I can get a fantastic end product that we all can enjoy through interviews and pictures.

The mood disorder one resinates with me and so that will be out for you before next Wednesday!

New poll is out under the “You Pick the Next Topic!” tab!!!!!!!!

Be sure to go vote for the post that sparks your interest for next Wednesday’s topic!!



One comment on “Results of this weeks poll!

  1. Jamie R. says:

    Looking forward to this post!

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