Confused About Agriculture?

What do you want to know about agriculture? Are you confused about anything regarding the industry? Want to know more about where your food really comes from? Curious about the dietary values and the effects, if any, of the methods practiced today? I WANT TO ANSWER THEM!

There can be many areas in agriculture that might be misunderstood or simply, just not known. I want to help those who have questions by providing them with an answer that can satisfy the curiosity. I want to personally make it my responsibility to give a fair, honest, and intellectual answer with a tone that is not defensive and that ultimetly isn’t looking for a fight. I also would love to get opinions so that I can aim my focus with those in mind.

So, shoot me an email at: or leave a comment or message me on WordPress. Somehow, get them to me! Just don’t keep them bottled inside! Let them out and let me answer em!




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