Just a Slice of History

Things like this make me so happy when I stumble across them. Things in the agriculture world can get exhausting, and I am not even the one out there who does the labor constantly. Somedays the task can just sound like a second choice to going back to bed, but since that isn’t an option we have to keep doing what we do best. I’ve been having a few rough days since my dad’s spine operation and found it fitting to find this late last night.

My grandpa is on the left and my great-grandpa is on the right

These two are pretty monumental in my dad and I’s lives. In the lineage of great-grandpa Buddy, he has Grandpa Dave, who had my dad, who had me- a girl. I don’t know how long ago this picture was taken but it has to be from before Grandpa Buddy passed away. I spent a lot of time with him and hours farming with both of them. I really miss Grandpa Buddy lately, he would have been prouder than a peacock of me for all of this. Nothing wrong with working my rear off to still make him proud, it just might not be the same way others would.

Here’s to you, Grandpa Buddy.



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