Dairies pamper cows with massages

Dairies pamper cows with massages

Stuff like this makes for such a great day! TODAY.com did a fantastic job of not portraying the dairy industry poorly. They may use a tone that reflects their confusion with the practices that are going on, but it is a confusion that is built upon curiosity. They give examples of all the things dairy farmers are trying to do to make their cows happy. They even provide the amount of money it cost one dairyman to ensure his cows contentment.

The author does a really good job of providing multiple quotations regarding how important the dairy cows happiness matters to the farmer. Yes, income plays a role in that, but a $70,000 installment of waterbed flooring doesn’t seem like the kind of thing just anyone does for their cows. Dairy cows are so loved and so spoiled and the dairymen and women that love and spoil them do it because they love to. It is hard work that never seems to stop.

I thought it of critical importance to provide another article that highlights the good things agriculture is doing. AGPROUD!


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