Brought to you Courtesy, of the Red, White, & Blue

Two of my best guy friends rank pretty high among my heroes, of course they are sitting below my dad on the list. I am sure the daily feeling of worry will pass, hopefully sooner than later but it could always be worse. However, thinking of them at least a handful of times each is not a habit I want to end. These two guys who have each played incredibly important roles in my life have both served overseas and been stationed far from home as soldiers in the United States Army.

My initial plan was to write a never-ending entry on what Memorial Day used to mean and what it means now. Instead standing on a soapbox, it dawned on me that the more time I spend preaching to those I don’t know, the less time I have to Skype with these two and say thank you.  If I didn’t have Jake & Alex modeling selflessness on a daily basis, my perception would be skewed. Their ability to stand in the face of a danger that many will never face in a lifetime is incredible on it’s own. There are citizens in this country who don’t support the troops or what they stand for, Jake & Alex signed a contract that includes those individuals life’s to be protected first and foremost.

To my knowledge they haven’t met one another, although I can only imagine the antics they could think up if they ever cross paths. I have gone through “stuff” and leaned on both of them and always found either an ear to listen, or a bit of brotherly advice… They lean on me as well, but they are men and therefore they have to be tough. I do make it as easy as possible for them in the event the tables turned and they needed support.
You guys have modeled the brothers that I never had, in both good and bad ways but mostly good. I have so much respect for you both and always will. Love you both.

One more tidbit before I sign off, this was aired on CBS roughly a month ago on their early morning program, thanks a lot insomnia, and I love this so much that I need to share. This video encompasses a true American hero who lacks any military experience or even a family with one. Larry Eckhardt is just an average property manager whose priorities may sound “off” to some, but incredibly touching to most.

Happy Memorial Day

May 28th, 2012

January 1 – December 31, Yearly


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