AGvocating for Domino’s

Domino’s made a risky decision when they decided to ignore the standards for humane treatment of animals that the Humane Society of the United States was attempting to force onto many franchises including Wendy’s, McDonalds, etc. Now when I say “ignore” I do not mean that they decided that the meat producers that they chose to buy from were deliberately abusing animals. That is not the case whatsoever. Domino’s made a choice that gained almost everyone in the agriculture world’s approval and upmost respect but that also ticked off the rest of the population. They chose to seek out the experts in animal welfare, health, and behavior before just signing onto to HSUS’s bandwagon.

The HSUS mindset is to completely rid the world of meat production and they advertise this theory in a multitude of ways. When I say the word “radical”, I think of PETA’s tactics to get their scheme across. However, when I think of HSUS’s game plan the word “manipulative” is the first one that comes to mind.

I am not going to spend time on this post pointing out the flaws in the systems and getting worked up in a negative light. I want to spend this time celebrating the choice that someone outside of farmers and ranchers made. An event on Facebook sparked a nation wide appreciation pizza party. A huge chunk of us gathered together, while still across the country, just by ordering from Domino’s to show our support. Along with the order and the money it was also encouraged to write a thank you note to the manager to make our appreciation memorable. The event was to take place this weekend, May 18-20, so it isn’t technically over yet but once it is hopefully we can get a number out to you. This wasn’t about us “bashing” on animal rights groups, or getting noticed ourselves. This was to remind our community of AGvocates that we all love getting together and eating. I really hope those notes or even just word of them get to the CEO because a decision like that takes guts that many corporate CEO’s lack now a days. So that being said, congratulations Domino’s, you won our respect and we will continue to be a consumer that really appreciates you down to your core. We tip our hats to you and we thank you for doing the right thing.

My Note to the Store Manager

My happy cows with my delicious pizza!

Here are some links to more information regarding the entire story of Domino’s choice!

Farmers, grab some Domino’s this weekend- Farm & Dairy Online

Say yes to Domino’s Pizza by paying it forward- Cattle Network



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